Terms Of Service

Please read the following Terms of Service carefully by accessing and or purchasing from this site you agree to all the terms of service and you acknowledge that these terms can be changed and add to as the site grows later on.  it's your responsibility to check this page periodically. 


  1.  When using TandsVPN you will not cause inflict a DDoS Attack. Any self DDoS attack against your own server would and could cause service to be terminated Do Not Try To Boot Your Server Offline.
  2.   TandsVPN is made to prevent DDoS Attacks and for your safety in the online community
  3.   TandsVPN is NOT responsible for any illegal activity you do while on the VPN. No Logs are stored or tracked. 
  4.   Any issues must be taken care of through the support provided by the site. "Tands_Modding" himself. 
  5.   Any attacks to TandsVPN Or tandsmodding.com will cause a prompt shut down of any service.
  6.   Any service that has to be terminated by admin due to abuse or DDoS will not be refunded at any time.
  7.   Merchandise is shipped from the USA. The buyer must pay to ship unless offered free shipping.
  8.  Tands_Modding will NOT refund or exchange merchandise or T-Shirts due to incorrect size ordered or if wrong color order 
  9.  All purchases of accounts if applicable are final. NO REFUNDS.
  10.  Any Purchase Of PSPlus is only 2 weeks [14 days] and is not sold by Tands_Modding. 
  11.  Any Abuse to service will not be tolerated. 
  12.  Tands_Store is open to anyone who wants to purchase something from Tands_Modding.
  13.  You agree that these terms can change at any time given.
  14.  You will not spam the support. 
  15. You will allow supporting up to 1 to 2 days to reply before submitting another ticket. 
  16.  You will not attempt to re-sell your TandsVPN spot. 
  17. Information given to Tands_Store is legit.
  18. You will not be responsible if you mistype your address and have not corrected before your item is shipped. Once shipped the item is no longer refundable 
  19. Before you buy the merchandise you must make sure all info is completed.       
  20. Any chargebacks will be will cause termination of service.     
  21. Any Coupon codes are only for orders $10 and up. If the coupon is used for anything lower, unless approved, it will be canceled.  

      These Terms Can Be Changed At Anytime